Does It Have to Come Naturally?

So yesterday I tweeted this. And I realized that the reason I do this is because investments don’t come naturally to me. The how, what, when, where and why are all questions that haunt me when it comes to “investing.”  So I got to thinking about how I apply the same logic to much of life.

I love life a lot.

But it scares me to think I may just love it cause it’s so easy right now. Everything is coming so naturally.

Just like I love reading personal finance blogs when they are easy for me to understand. Talk about budgets and frugality and saving and spending and insurance and all of those kinds of things is relatively easy for me to understand in comparison to investing. I’ve only heard the terms mutual funds and EFTs.

[Though I invested in my first penny stock last December. Nothing serious.]

So what comes naturally is obviously easier than what comes with a little bit of effort. But think of all the things we could be missing out on! All of the things that if we just took the time to learn we could enjoy just as much as we are enjoying all of the things that come naturally to us.

Maybe it’s an art like playing the piano or painting or writing poetry or fiction or starting to blog.
Maybe it’s teaching others.
Maybe it’s going out of our way to serve or give our time, money or ears.
Maybe it’s becoming a personal trainer, counselor or preacher.
Maybe it is finally starting a budget or starting to eat healthy.

For some, these things come naturally. And for others, it doesn’t. But why let what doesn’t come naturally to you stop you from enjoying it? Go ahead and take the time to learn it and reap the fruits of  your labor.

I’m going to do that with investments but there are a lot more important things I’m going to do that with too.

What kinds of things do you know you would enjoy if you weren’t so uncomfortable with it at first? What will it take to learn about it enough to start enjoying it?


4 Responses

  1. There are things in life that we would not appreciate until we give ourselves a chance to experience it. Our mind has its way of evading experiences that would nudge it from its comfort zone. 🙂

    • Exactly. My favorite one so far is when I went sky diving. My mind was saying, “There is no earthly way possible.” But when I just made up my “heart” I dove in and loved every minute of it (after I jumped. 😉

  2. I have always loved investing. I just wish I had someone who knows as much as I do now to teach me 40 years ago.
    I used to hate public speaking but I knew it was holding me back professionally. Now I love to get up in front of people and teach and entertain. I think watching Ronald Reagan and seeing how well he communicated convinced me to become proficient at public speaking.

    • Well then I am coming to YOU (or at least your blog) for some helpful advice in the investment realm. 😉 Thanks for commenting so we could connect.

      It’s amazing how when we take a couple of small steps in a certain direction it launches us down an amazing journey. Your public speaking story was a good reminder and inspiration for me.

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