After working full-time for 4 months and being on a waiting list with a certain apartment complex for 3 months, I am now officially moving. It will be the first time I “really” move out of my parents house. I went away for a couple of years after high school, but I told them to keep my room “my room” so I could come back. This time it’s more official since I have a job and am aiming to become completely on my own.

It’s bitter-sweet for sure, but I think it’s the right move for me right now. There are several things to take care of when moving out for the first time (or even moving at all!)

1. Get rid of junk
2. Take inventory of everything you own for insurance purposes
3. Organize papers and loose documents
4.  Update your budget to reflect new/different expenses, etc.
5.  If reasonable, get certain things moved into your own name instead of your parents. 😉
6.  Put things away in an organized and understandable fashion.
7. Compare costs of different things and cut unnecessary expenses.
8. Be confident you can make it on your own and make decisions that will lead to success!

Any other suggestions for me or for others? What are some good tasks to take on during a move?


5 Responses

  1. Visit your parents often and invite them over occasionally.

  2. Congrats on your first apartment! I would definitely recommend not getting cable. No matter who you use as a provider, the cost is ridiculously expensive. Josh and I saved $60 a month by cutting out ours. …And these days you can watch so much on Hulu or on network websites it’s not even worth it! I only ever miss it during the day, but I get so much more accomplished in my day by not having it. I also recommend cooking at home a lot, but being careful when buying groceries. If you don’t plan your meals you’ll buy too much and it’ll go to waste. Good luck and have fun moving!

    • Not getting cable sounds like such a foreign idea. haha. I forget I live with 10 channels from the time I was born to the time I moved BACK to Oklahoma after living in Texas (at the age of 19.) I’ll look into this, but I’m pretty sure my roommate is set on the idea. And I am willing to compromise. If I had a laptop that would wirelessly transfer to the TV I may do that. Hmmm…

      Yes, I am planning on creating a “cooking” schedule on Sundays and then shopping for any certain ingredients on Sunday night. This is such a good idea. Not to mention it wil save you from just eating out which I’ve realized will totally wipe your money out if you let it.

      Thanks for the ideas! And yes, lots of fun during the move I am sure! I really don’t have much “stuff” (aka: junk) so hopefully that will help the move be more simple.

  3. Check car insurance rates before you change your address with the state and insurance company. Your rates could double.

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