Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

I have to admit I haven’t been to the gym in at least one week. And I stopped tracking my food probably two weeks ago. Yes, I am paying to be a part of a gym so you’d think this would motivate me, but they got me when they gave me the first month for “free.” So I am less motivated.

I tell myself I will start going everyday when I finally move into my apartment (which happens to be right across the street from this fitness center.) And…I will.

But in the mean time, I’ve realized my good intentions aren’t enough. They fall miserably short compared to good actions.

It’s great to sit around and think and write and plan. I love it. But there’s this thing called “action” that simply can’t be beat. Anyone who gets up and acts is far better than the one who sits around and only plans. This applies to all areas of life: health, finances, relationships, and even your spiritual life.

I need to get more serious about my health. I really want to lay out some goals and deadlines and work daily towards achieving those. It comes easy to me with my finances for some reason but not so much with my health. I find myself eating those chocolates and skimping out on trips to the gym whenever I feel like it.

It starts with good intentions. Leads to good actions. And ends with good results.

This is the only way.

How do you jump the hurdle of good intentions to good actions? Any tips?


4 Responses

  1. There is an old idiom that reads “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. I am sure it could be changed to “The road to mediocrity is paved with good intentions” and not loose a lot of its meaning. I am in agreement with you. Intentions are not enough! The problem is, it is much easier to say “I am going to do something” than it is to actually do it! The action is the work, which many don’t really want to do, especially if things have come easy in their life. I like the the old Nike slogan, “Just do it!”

  2. I agree. Herb Kelleher, founder Southwest Airlines once said,”We have a strategic plan. It’s called doing things.”

    You should check out the book: Making Ideas Happen ( It seems right up your alley.

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