Thoughts on the Real Life

Back and At ‘Em


It’s been so weird not blogging for the past several days. But it’s been a whirl-wind of action, and it was definitely best.

I’m all moved into my new apartment, and it’s beginning to feel normal (though I’ll always miss my family!) I actually have spent relatively little extra money during this move because I planned accordingly beforehand. Not to mention family members have been very generous to both myself and the friend I’m living with.

Sometimes we don’t understand the value of something until we don’t have it anymore. For me, blogging is about sharing what it is I’m learning in life in hope that you’ll be able to benefit as well. I didn’t realize how much this kept me motivated and on top of my game until I wasn’t doing it. I’ve been more lackadaisical and probably a little more wasteful with my time. But no more! 😉

I hope and pray you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your family and celebrating Christ’s gift to all of mankind. Happy Wednesday!

Blogging helps keep me motivated–what helps you stay motivated?