Grocery Sense: What NOT to Buy

Pardon my rant here. I really am not better than anyone else, and I don’t want to ever come across that way. But some things kind of get me going. =)

My roommate and I went to Wal-Mart last night (because Aldi was closed) to buy groceries for the week. We have our little list of 10 items, and we go in search of them. All the while my attention is being drawn to these young couples with kids hanging off their carts.

But it wasn’t the kids that caught my eye.

It was the food inside of their carts! It looked nothing like the picture above, that’s for sure!

I am 100% sure I make some grocery buying blunders sometimes. The occasional box of cookies or the occasional 2 liter of Pepsi but I have to admit that I don’t make these kind of mistakes on  a regular basis….

-Bottles of soda and fake juice hanging all along the edges of the cart
-Boxes and boxes of name brand sugar cereal
-4 or 5 frozen pizzas
-Boxes of different kinds of cookies
-Honey buns and, of course….
-Lots of frozen dinners

I’m sure this wasn’t all of it but my guess is that if people would take a little TIME to really cook that they’d be healthier and also save a little cash money. I know we all live busy lives, but I’m sure if we’d take a good look that we’d see it’s definitely worth it.

Maybe I’m wrong…I know I’ve only been living on my own for a week but I know my parents cooked from scratch way more often than putting some pre-cooked chicken wings in the oven and also tended to not buy the boxed brand named cereal when they could get the off-brand bags for a better deal. And soda, well….it’s just bad for you.

I’d say that the craving I get most often to waste money on at the store is some good ice cream. Yumm…there’s just nothing like it. Especially Braum’s ice cream. You might not have them in your area but if you did you’d wanna go on a weekly basis!

It’s amazing how much health and money sometimes go hand in hand.

What do you think? What are some big money and health traps at the grocery store?


4 Responses

  1. I think people with smaller grocery budgets and people who use food stamps and such do generally buy more unhealthy things. I quit shopping at Wal Mart because the people and what they were buying depressed me so much AND Crest is cheaper. I think there’s this misconception – like you said – that it’s cheaper to buy a frozen pizza because they’re $2. And while that may be true, Josh and I can make a homemade pizza from scratch that tastes much better and is better for us for less than that because ingredients last. I think cooking from scratch can be expensive in the beginning but it’s definitely cheaper in the long run and much better for you. America is the Nation of convenience and what we’ve grown accustomed to eating is just horrible. You should watch Food, Inc sometime if you haven’t. Josh and I try to buy organic/free-range product as much as possible, but the sucky part about Oklahoma is that because those products are in so little demand and people will pay high price for them we’re over priced for things that are healthier. Bring on the Trader Joes!!!

    • Exactly! I wasn’t trying to put down those with small grocery budgets, but I think if they spent a little more time and effort they could make that money go further and be healthier at the same time. =)

      I do need to watch Food, Inc. I think it’d be very interesting. Like you, I’d love to eat all organic but you’re right–it is very expensive here. Hopefully one day that will change!

  2. I know for me the biggest health and money trap is the check out line!! Especially if I am somewhere that’s super crowded and slow (Ahem, Wal-Mart) because then I’ll just be sitting and starring at Diet Coke and Twix. Sigh. It’s amazing how much I’ll pay for a refreshing drink (it’s like, $1.50 I think?!) when I’m only five minutes from my home.

    • I know exactly what you mean! I’ve started carrying water with me for that exact reason. 😉 Once my thirst is quenched I don’t have as hard of a time resisting.

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