Mother’s Day is Sunday

Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 9. Regardless of our age or dependency status on our parents, our mom’s deserve all our love and appreciation until our last day. They gave up more for us than we’ll ever be able to thank them for.

Whatever your relationship with your mom, take time to tell her, “Thanks” for the years of wisdom, care and provision she gave you. Whether it’s a card, flowers, chocolates, some other gift or just a hand-written note or letter, she’ll be so blessed to know that you are grateful for all she’s done for you.

I can’t say enough about my mom. She is the most loving, thoughtful person I know. She is gentle and kind and compassionate and is constantly going out of her way to serve her family and loved ones. She puts others above herself and shows honor on a daily basis. A perfect example of a wonderful wife, mother and lover of Jesus. She is slow to speak, quick to listen and slow to become angry. I just love her to death! =)

What are some things you are grateful for your mom exhibits?

P.S. It’s already Wednesday! Don’t forget. 😉

One Response

  1. Thanks for sending the reminder! I’m off to Hobby Lobby today to pick up supplies for homemade cards. 🙂

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