About the Blog

We’re all born with a purpose. And we go through our childhood and teen years wondering, dreaming and sometimes even working to find out exactly what that purpose is.

Then we’re launched out into “Real Life,” and it’s time to start making major decisions. Decisions that will lead us down a certain road. Sometimes we make the wrong one and have to back-track or we realize it early enough to cut back across to the right road. But the decisions made during our late teenage years and through our 20s have the potential to set the foundation for a very enjoyable and successful life.

That’s what this whole blog is about. It’s about my journey and yours during this foundational period. It’s about our decisions regarding our careers, our finances, our health, and relationships and even our fun! I’m not an expert but I’m in it with you, and I’m aiming to make the best possible decisions I can early on in life. I want to share with you what I’m learning in hope you’ll join in on the conversation and ask questions and make comments that can help us all live a better life.

About Me (Meghan =)

I was born and raised in the great state of Oklahoma and have pretty much stuck around except a couple years right out of high school I moved to Texas to be a part of a leadership internship (which was by far one of the best decisions of my life.) I’m very passionate about seeing people break out of old mindsets that have held them back from fulfilling their deepest dreams and goals as well as about seeing people develop the right mindset early on in life so that they can truly have the life they desire to have.

A few other things about me you may like to know:

  • I work full-time
  • I go to school online full-time and am currently in my sophomore year
  • I aim to celebrate each day
  • My family is the love of my life
  • I’m interested in a lot of different things
  • I think a few really good friends are better than a ton of not-so-good ones
  • God is the one who brings me the peace that we’re all looking for

Disclosure of Affiliate Links

I am an Amazon.com affiliate, which means I earn a percentage of sales from any products that I sell through Amazon.com.

I sell Amazon.com products on this blog by mentioning them in some posts and linking to the item directly. I only do this for products that I truly believe in and have helped me in my journey in life. Of course, you do not have to buy from that link. You can simply go to Amazon.com and search for the product, but it helps me earn a few extra dollars if you do buy from the direct link. =)

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