Why I Haven’t Been Around

I didn’t realize I never posted about why I wouldn’t be posting for a little while. It’s been almost 3 weeks!

The reason why is because I started a new site called Start Well, Live Well. at http://www.startwelllivewell.com

I have been creating content and trying to get everything running over there smoothly so please go check it out! It’s centered around helping people start heading in the right direction toward financial independence and wealth with some practical and inspiring tips. =)

As of right now I will not be posting to this blog anymore. If I decide to bring it back into action I’ll be sure to post something at Start Well, Live Well.

Happy reading!


Sorry for the change in themes the past few days. I have been having some trouble with a few of them, but I think the current one will work well. 😉

I am thinking of making the switch to the “real” WordPress from the “free” wordpress.com but I’m just now starting to read up on it. If anyone has any tips about it, I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for bearing with me. I’d like to make this blog the best it can be.

About This Blog

I know it should have been first but I have finally given the “About” page of the blog a little more detail.

So what’s this blog about? It’s about you and me. And the decisions we make early on in life in regards to our health, our finances, our relationships, and our careers. It’s about doing [and ENJOYING] things today that will affect tomorrow which we’ll be able to enjoy as well.

It’s geared toward young adults but hopefully the usefulness of the blog can be used by absolutely anyone who is aiming to make the right decisions in all areas of life!

You can get posts sent directly to your email (see link on right hand side) or you can add Thoughts on the Real Life to your Blog reader of choice (mine is Google Reader.)

Please join in on the conversation so we can all learn from each other and live a better today–and tomorrow.

New Blog

New blogs are exciting but hard at the same time. Trying to decide what direction I want to take it in is a little difficult–I love to talk about all different kinds of things in life: spirituality, relationships, leadership, business, money, work, passion, life direction, time management, getting things done…the list could go on.

Right now I am really passionate about personal finance. I want to be smart with my money and have set a goal to be a millionaire one day but I started an anonymous blog to discuss those factors. This blog will be more about everything else–life and love, relationships, God, reading, health, and anything else you want to talk about.

My hope is this blog will be more interactive with readers than others. Who knows–maybe no one will even read this, but it’s important to me so I hope you’ll read and then like it enough to share with your friends!

I’m always open to discussion so my email is megfife@gmail.com

Here we go!