Quick Tip Savings Calculator

Ok, this isn’t rocket science or anything, but sometimes we just don’t think about everything we’re spending money on.

Personally, I think I’m finally getting the picture of how far a dollar can really go. It goes further than we think. Especially when we add that dollar to another dollar and then those 2 dollars to other dollars. And then we invest them and it multiplies. 😉 So cool.

I ran across this “Quick Tip Savings Calculator” on GoBankingRates.com and thought I’d share. It’s nothing you couldn’t figure out w/ a pen and paper, but it will make you think.

Check it out here.

I had to say “no” to a few things cause I am already doing them but what I had to say yes to was:

1. Lower your thermostat. (I haven’t actually had to deal with this yet since I don’t pay the electric bill but I will starting next month! But I love being warm. I know I can wear more clothes to save a few dollars every month!)

2. Play the market: wisely use coupons. (I have just started realizing coupons actually save money. I thought the time it took to cut them out wasn’t worth it but if you use coupons on things you already normally buy you’ll save money. Don’t use them for things you wouldn’t buy if you didn’t have the coupon. That is called “spending money to save money,” and it doesn’t work well. =)

3. Go green-Convert to energy-efficient bulbs. (I don’t know much about energy-efficient bulbs but maybe you do? I’m guessing they cost more but maybe last longer? Does anyone know how that works?)

That’s all I could work on, and if I did it could potentially save me $165 a month. Wow. If that’s true then I’m definitely taking the extra time to do them.

What could you do differently and how much would it save you??