The Sugar Detox

So last Monday I saw Ellen Degeneres tweet about a sugar detox she was going to do. Of course, I’m always thinking of doing these kinds of things, but I never have the motivation to kick me in the butt to start it. But I think Ellen is a pretty cool person and that if she could do it so could I.

So Tuesday morning I started, and I did pretty good–munching on celery and all that. First day wasn’t so much fun. My stomach was kind of cramping and the beginning of a headache was coming about. The headache continued on into Wednesday but I read that a headache would be normal so I was actually a little happy about it.

Wednesday night I decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings with my good friend Chara and we had honey barbeque chicken and of course I dipped mine in ranch. I’m sure both of those things had sugar in it. But I continued on with the detox.

But I have to admit–this weekend hasn’t been so great. Yesterday I had some cake for my little sister’s party and then I had some more today.

All that to say, I think by now I’ve broken my detox, and it hasn’t even been a week. But I’m going to start back up now drinking lots of water and drinking my all-natural, light chocolate soy milk to crave any kind of sweet tooth.

The point of the sugar detox? Well, one: it’s healthy! You can get plenty of the “good sugar” you need from fruits, you don’t need refined white sugar. And two: I want my energy to be all nat-ur-al. =) I don’t want the fake stuff. When I’m awake I want to be fully alive and energized by my own body not some outside stimulate. (I gave up caffeine recently for the same reason but that can be another post…I’ve actually stuck to that one!

I find when I don’t eat sugar I am more focused and energized to do all the things I want to do in a day. And since today is all I have, I want to grab it by the horns and LIVE IT, not let sugar make me feel antsy for a little while and then groggy and gross afterwards.

What do you think about a sugar detox? Would you do it?