Some Favorite Bloggers

I’ve come to love reading blogs so much lately that I’m having to limit myself. I still subscribe to whoever I feel I will benefit from reading but I only actually get on my reader and read them in the mornings for 30 minutes. I was beginning to use the excuse that I had to read the blogs I’d subscribed to no matter what and was not getting other things done that I wanted to!

But now that I’ve got that under control I still wanted to share a few of my favorite bloggers with you. Of course not everyone that someone writes I agree with but for the most part I think these people have some very good thoughts and ideas to share. I think you’ll enjoy them too….

Seth Godin

Ivan Campuzano


Get Rich Slowly

Free Money Finance

Money Crashers

Any blogs out there that you suggest me to read??

Knowledge is Power

I love books. When I moved out of my parents house I asked them if they would like to bless me with a new bookshelf for my new living room.

They did.

And it’s full.

It’s not always that I read books twice but there’s something about having them in my hand and readily available to me. To underline and highlight. To write notes out to the side. To flip back through and read the good stuff. Just to know that I own the book and have read it brings me great joy.

But besides all of that I think the reason I buy and keep books is to see with my eyes what I have read. Sure, there are other books I have read but if I really loved it I probably kept it. And there are plenty of them.

All filled with knowledge.

We should never stop learning. It’s what helps us be someone tomorrow that we weren’t today. We can learn from our own mistakes and successes or from others’ mistakes and successes. But regardless, it has to be a purposeful thing. Lots of experiences come and go but many times I think we don’t take the proactive step to learn from them that we should.

We’ll probably find ourselves walking around the same situation later on, and perhaps doing the exact same thing (that didn’t work.) But if we could take that experience and really internalize it, everything could change.

Tomorrow would be a step forward instead of a step backward.

The same thing applies to the books (or blogs or magazines or articles or ebooks or whatever!) that we read. It takes this non-renewable resource called TIME to participate in reading these pieces of information so we need to be kind of picky about what we read.

It’d be easy to subscribe to all the “cool” blogs out there on business, entrepreneurship, health and personal finance but I don’t have that kind of time! So I subscribe to a few and really try to soak up that information.

Knowledge is power. Soak it up. But don’t just read those things and learn from them to be cool or FEEL smart. Instead, learn in order to BE smart.

Art of Planning

So I think I have an obsessive compulsive thing going on with planning. I like to plan. A lot. Probably too much sometimes.

I plan my time. Hours. Evenings. Days. Weekends. Weeks. Months. Years.
I plan my finances. Bi-weekly budgets. Monthly budgets. Short-, mid-, and long-term savings goals. Investment strategies.
I plan my health. (And fail frequently.) Work out routines. Eating habits (that aren’t habits yet.) Sleep cycles. Relaxation.
I plan my career. Positions. Money. Experience. Satisfaction. Passion. Purpose.
I plan my education. Credit hours. Classes. Research. Homework. Tests. Bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree. Doctorate degree.

Of course all of that is hypothetical in a sense because it’s all PLANNING. And if I spent all my time planning I’ll never spend any time LIVING. And from the deepest part of my heart I want to live. Who knows if I’ll ever do everything I’ve planned to do; but what I know for sure is I can live this moment to the full.

So do we plan or not? My short answer is YES. Plan. And plan big. Because if you don’t plan big, you won’t “go big.” Set a goal to reach a goal. So spend a few days a year, a few hours a month, and maybe a few minutes a day planning. But then put down your pen and paper, take a deep breath, and start living.