Getting Things Done

For those with big dreams and big plans there is always “something else” that needs to be done. Whether it’s sell another item on eBay or reader another book or take another test or write another blog, the list never ends but the time in the day does!

I’m not an expert on Getting Things Done (yet!) but I spent some time with a guy who does (well, I read his book which is basically like spending time with him!) and I really believe my productivity and efficiency level increased by leaps and bounds (more realistically it was at least 200%.)

His name is David Allen and he’s the author of the book, “Getting Things Done.” (Buy it on Amazon Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
) None of us are such experts at life that we can’t use a little help. And what is awesome about this book is it crosses all different areas of life. It can apply to your career, personal life, finances, grocery shopping, absolutely everything!

The key idea Allen expresses over and over is the concept of writing things down and getting everything from out of your head and onto paper. Keeping it in your head will only keep you stressed out and feeling busy all the time though you may not actually be getting anything done. When you write it down you can forget about it until you purposefully go back and look at your paper.

Sounds simple but it’s truly life-changing. For those wanting to move forward in life and not stay stagnant it’s a must-read.

That’s it for today. Happy Monday!! Have a great week and live it on purpose!

Do you have any keys to getting things done?? Please share!