Mindless Money Wasters

J Money at Budgets Are Sexy is always a source of inspiration for me. I know there are many personal finance bloggers out there but he’s just my fav. He was also really the 1st one I stumbled across so I think I’m biased.

But he posted here some mindless money wasters he had got from Free Money Finance who I guess had gotten them from Yahoo. All that to say I couldn’t relate to many of those mindless money wasters but I know I have my own so here is confession time. I know there are many more but that is for another time and place. 😉

(I know I haven’t written a lot about my finances, budgets, etc. but please have the understanding I really love to keep track of that kind of thing, and I try to be frugal. So this is a hard list for me to share with you guys!)

1. Movies.
Watching movies is one of my new favorite things to do. And most of the time it’s in the theater, opening weekend. So I do throw too much at this. I’ve been trying to find some more good, cheap (or free!), fun things to do though and lately I have succeeded on a few occasions. 😉

2. Popcorn and drink at the movies.
I used to NEVER do this. I mean, I’m paying as much for that as I did for my ticket. But then I met my awesome friend Chara who I don’t think even believes in watching a movie without popcorn and a drink. So now I’m hooked.Popcorn with Kernel Season’s Jalapeno Seasoning (the BOMB) and a half Pepsi, half diet-Pepsi drink.
I’m thinking to cut down, maybe every other time I’ll eat right beforehand and then just drink water during. 😉

3. Eating out.
Of course, this is a big one for all of us, I am guessing. I try to limit my eating out to the weekends when I can actually enjoy it with people I love. But I need to cut it to only 1 time a week. Right now it’s hovering around 2-4. Some weeks are better than others.

4. Good deals.
This week I had committed to a “no-spend” week where I wouldn’t spend any money unless I absolutely had to (gas and bills.) But I realized what a sucker I am for good deals when a woman at work is selling makeup products for half off. I gave in and bought a few though I didn’t absolutely HAVE to have them. And then today I bought a $4.99 cutlery set online because well, I will need it eventually and it’s such a good deal.
I’m all about good deals but they can potentially be mindless money wasters if you are only buying cause it’s a good deal and not because you actually need whatever it is.

Ok, don’t think I’m crazy but that is pretty much it for me…right now. I’m saving for A LOT of things so much of my money goes toward different savings accounts.

But what about you? Have you fallen prey to any of these mindless money wasters?