Why Gyms Have Contracts and Cable Companies Don’t

So it just hit me today why I had to get into a contract with the fitness center I am apart of, and I didn’t have to when I had the cable company come out to my apartment and hook me up (maybe some cable companies do have contracts but mine, thankfully, does not.)

More than likely the fitness center thinks at some point I will want out.

The cable company on the other hand doesn’t necessarily think that about me.

Because entertainment is always easier to stick with than running out of breath. 😉

But I’m really glad I had to get into that contract. It keeps me going. Because I know every month for the next long time I am going to be shelling out a good amount of money in order to be able to walk in those doors and use that treadmill and those machines. I’m in a contract. And that keeps me going.

Maybe we need contracts more often. With ourselves. About things we want to do or see accomplished. Because we all will want out at one point or another. Maybe we need to write one up and throw some kind of incentive in there for ourselves that if we do this then we’ll get that. Whatever it may be for whatever goal you want to meet. Because though it may be hard to stick with the reward will be well worth it.

WE Bring the Value

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we perceive ourselves and how that affects the way we make decisions, the way we think and even the way we interact with other people. It’s important that we have the understanding of who we are and what value we carry within.

As a young person, starting life out and trying to “get out there” can carry a lot of weight. We want to perform well at work and have solid relationships. We want to handle our money right and make it work for us instead of us just working for it. We want to not just take advantage of opportunities but actually create those opportunities. And if we’re not careful the tendency would be to find our value in how well we’re doing in those areas.

But here’s the thing: Our work does not give us value. We give value to our work.

We are running our lives. God granted us intrinsic value that sticks with us regardless of what kind of decisions we make or how well we perform on the job or managing our finances. We get to take that value within ourselves and willingly offer it to a task. Or not offer it . It’s our choice. The job, relationships, spiritual life, money and health we have are, mainly, not forced upon us. They are things we willingly engage in.

They do not own us. We own them.
They do not give us value. Instead, we give value to them. (With the exception perhaps of a spiritual life…but even then, it is nothing without our interaction!)

Until we realize this, until we realize that inside of us is a greater potential for good works and connection, we will be run over by the things in our daily lives. We’ll feel bound by what is.

But the truth is that your finances are ultimately going to end up however you’d like them to be because you’re going to work (or not) work at it. Positive thinking won’t do. The job or career you have is going to be the one you pick, not the one that picked you. Your relationships will be great or terrible based upon the value you willingly add to them.

So today, as you go through the day, think about all the things you are involved in and what you are doing. Look at the details and the big picture. And decide whether or not you want to be a part of it. Do you want to add your value to it? If so, do it! Add all the value you can to whatever is at hand. But if you don’t want to add value to it, stop faking it and move on to something you DO want to add value to.

First Trip to the Gym

I know I go back and forth in this blog and talk about lots of different things like life and love and health and finances, but all of it intrigues me so much. I hope it’s OK with all you readers. 😉 My goal is to help people live a better life in all areas and there are just so many!

So Sunday I took my first trip to the gym I am a new member of and left feeling really really good. It’s nice to have so many resources at your fingertips. Treadmills, bikes, stair climbers, so many different weight lifting machines to workout those muscles you never use at that desk job of yours.

I do have a desk job and then I come home and either do homework online or blog or sit around with the family. Very rarely is it required of me that I am extremely active, but it’s so KEY to our health.

If you don’t know where to start the key is to just get MOVING. Do something besides just sit there. For me, I needed the motivation that comes with being a part of a fitness center and paying every month. Maybe that’s not what you need (but don’t make an excuse either because maybe it IS what you need!)

If you’re starting to feel a little guilty because you know you are in the category of many many people who just wake up and get in their car to go to work and sit around for 8 hours and eat fast food for lunch and then drive home and sit there and watch TV everyday, then this is a good sign! It’s good because now you know what you need to do! =)

Don’t wait until your health starts to fail before you get moving. Find a way today. And find a way tomorrow. And the next day. I promise you won’t regret it! Let it become a part of your lifestyle, not a temporary change. You’ll look better, feel better and BE better.

Are you wanting to get active? What is your plan to ‘get going’?

P.S. I’m reading a lot on nutrition and health in general so I’m hoping to start sharing some of that with all of you! Because what you eat is just as important as the exercise you do.

Motivation to Move Forward

Get up and get going.

Today I spent the day at an all-employee’s “Annual Celebration” for my employer and it was surprisingly very beneficial and inspiring. There were about 600 people in the room, and I couldn’t help but wonder if everyone was really internalizing all of the powerful truths they were hearing. Not because I think they are bad people or they lack motivation to keep moving forward but because I think in general most people just…


Most people don’t necessarily care if they go “above and beyond” or if they get promoted quickly because of their hard work. Oh, they want to get promoted alright but only because of seniority…not because they’ve put the effort into it to deserve it.

I don’t know about you, but I hope you say, “God forbid” to that kind of thinking. There is so much more to do, to know and to experience than what you’re currently doing, what you currently know and what you’re currently experiencing.

As for me, I love where I currently am but I want to keep growing and learning. And if I have to create the motivation inside of me to move forward than so be it. But I won’t live a life without motivation.

You can do more than you’ll ever think is possible. Start the blog you’ve wanted to start–and keep it up to date. Start the business you always dreamed of. Go for that run you’ve been thinking about. Ask that girl out on a date. Start the reading agenda. Open up the Bible. Go to sleep on time.

Whatever it is you want to do there is a motivation somewhere to help get you going and moving forward. Find it. And embrace it. And then don’t stop.