First Trip to the Gym

I know I go back and forth in this blog and talk about lots of different things like life and love and health and finances, but all of it intrigues me so much. I hope it’s OK with all you readers. 😉 My goal is to help people live a better life in all areas and there are just so many!

So Sunday I took my first trip to the gym I am a new member of and left feeling really really good. It’s nice to have so many resources at your fingertips. Treadmills, bikes, stair climbers, so many different weight lifting machines to workout those muscles you never use at that desk job of yours.

I do have a desk job and then I come home and either do homework online or blog or sit around with the family. Very rarely is it required of me that I am extremely active, but it’s so KEY to our health.

If you don’t know where to start the key is to just get MOVING. Do something besides just sit there. For me, I needed the motivation that comes with being a part of a fitness center and paying every month. Maybe that’s not what you need (but don’t make an excuse either because maybe it IS what you need!)

If you’re starting to feel a little guilty because you know you are in the category of many many people who just wake up and get in their car to go to work and sit around for 8 hours and eat fast food for lunch and then drive home and sit there and watch TV everyday, then this is a good sign! It’s good because now you know what you need to do! =)

Don’t wait until your health starts to fail before you get moving. Find a way today. And find a way tomorrow. And the next day. I promise you won’t regret it! Let it become a part of your lifestyle, not a temporary change. You’ll look better, feel better and BE better.

Are you wanting to get active? What is your plan to ‘get going’?

P.S. I’m reading a lot on nutrition and health in general so I’m hoping to start sharing some of that with all of you! Because what you eat is just as important as the exercise you do.