The Power of Peace

Many things hold “power.” Knowledge. Position. Recognition. Authority. Writing. Speaking. They all have one degree or another of influence and ability to change things.

But one thing that has more power than most of us give it credit for is peace.

In order to be who we want to be we must carry not just a sense or display of peace but a true, deep, inner peace. The kind of peace that lets us breathe deep and hold steady. The kind of peace that keeps us focused when everything is changing around us. The kind of peace that knows things are going to work out just right. The kind of peace that lets us fall asleep soundly.

Peace is underrated. It’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity. To get where we’re going–and to enjoy the journey–demands we have peace.

Like I stated in my post on simplicity, many people take pride in carrying on crazy lives. But those people will work really hard and do very little.

Possessing peace will give you the assurance the work you have done is, actually, enough.
It will allow you to be confident in who you are, what you stand for, how you think and what you do.
It grants  power to you instead of to your situation.

But it must be sought out. It will not just drop in your lap one day. So my advice? Get away. Close your eyes. Breathe deep. Remind yourself why you do what you do, think what you think and say what you say. Be at peace with yourself and God and see the power of it flood into your life.

Peace will leave you with far less wrinkles, far more laughs, and many more accomplishments.

Do you think there is power in peace?  Do you have it? How do others get it?

The Bad Decision Mud Slide

Sometimes one bad decision leads to another.
Most of the time.

It’s an unfortunate scenario but I think it’s true. Do you agree?

I try to not eat sugar and on the third day I eat sugar and instead of continuing on with not eating sugar I choose to eat sugar…and lots of it.
I say I’m going to work out 4 times a week, but by Tuesday I’m tired of being away from home and skip “workout Wednesday” and instead of 4 times I’ve only worked out twice. And then why even go back the next Monday?
I make a decision to not take any money–EVER–out of my emergency fund (um, unless it’s an emergency) and put my tax refund money in there so I don’t touch it but after a hard first of the week at work I’m ready for a pedicure. And of course I wasn’t planning that in my spending money for that week so where did it come from? Oh yeah…my emergency fund. Thankfully that’s the only mistake I’ve made with this one but the opportunity to make another and another and another until I’m in a mud slide of bad decisions is definitely there.

Sound familiar? Maybe not. But it’s pretty familiar to me.

And it has to STOP.

And it can stop. It’s all about thinking rationally and being at peace and stepping away from the situation. Let me think about today…

I should have worked out but I didn’t. How do I stop the bad decision mud slide here and now? Go the gym tomorrow.
I shouldn’t have eaten 7 packets of ‘fun-sized’ m&ms. And the bowl of cereal. And the piece of chocolate pie. What now? I go cut carrots right after typing this and put them in a sandwich bag to munch on tomorrow.
I had planned to finish at least 1/2 of my biology homework for the week but I only finished about 1/4 of it because I got distracted by American Idol and Facebook and the internet in general. And now….Take a deep breath and realize I still have the rest of the week to do it. No biggy.

Sometimes we get to worked up about things we didn’t do or we messed up on it only prohibits us from moving forward. And instead of making the right decision the next time we make another bad decision because…well, heck, I messed up last time.

But take heart, the bad decision mud slide can actually be reversed and instead of going down the mountain you can make right decisions and it have the same effect but going UP the mountain. Generally, good decisions lead to more good decisions. And that’s when life get’s exciting.

Follow peace. And if you don’t have it–go find it. I promise it’s there. But you might have to step way back from your situation. Get outside. Go to a place you don’t go to often. Get away. Good things are waiting.