It’s Possible

The more I really listen and tune my ear to what other people are saying and thinking, I realize that some people just don’t think it’s possible. They don’t think it’s possible to enjoy their work. Or lose that weight. Or have that much in savings. Or retire wealthy. Or buy that car. Or travel the world. Or start that business.

But it is. Whoever told you it wasn’t possible was very, very wrong.

Because it starts with a dream. And dreaming is always possible.

We have to give ourselves the time to dream though. Otherwise we get stuck in the day-to-day, the paycheck to paycheck, the year to year. And before we know it we realize we’ve done enough to get by but we haven’t done what we’re meant to do or what we always wanted to do.

So today’s the day to take the time.

It’s as easy.

1. Get to a quiet spot and turning off your cell phone and computer.
2. Pull out a pen and paper. (My favorite brainstorming/dreaming tool is the Moleskine Ruled Notebook Soft Cover Large.)
3. Write down everything that comes to your mind–EVERYTHING. You can always go back and cross out your bogus ones (like appearing on Sesame Street. 😉

This will give you a starting point. One you can add to and look on often. And one you can turn to when you’re ready to start planning to make one of those things happen.

Have you made one of these lists? How has it helped you start to live the life you really want to live?

Motivation to Move Forward

Get up and get going.

Today I spent the day at an all-employee’s “Annual Celebration” for my employer and it was surprisingly very beneficial and inspiring. There were about 600 people in the room, and I couldn’t help but wonder if everyone was really internalizing all of the powerful truths they were hearing. Not because I think they are bad people or they lack motivation to keep moving forward but because I think in general most people just…


Most people don’t necessarily care if they go “above and beyond” or if they get promoted quickly because of their hard work. Oh, they want to get promoted alright but only because of seniority…not because they’ve put the effort into it to deserve it.

I don’t know about you, but I hope you say, “God forbid” to that kind of thinking. There is so much more to do, to know and to experience than what you’re currently doing, what you currently know and what you’re currently experiencing.

As for me, I love where I currently am but I want to keep growing and learning. And if I have to create the motivation inside of me to move forward than so be it. But I won’t live a life without motivation.

You can do more than you’ll ever think is possible. Start the blog you’ve wanted to start–and keep it up to date. Start the business you always dreamed of. Go for that run you’ve been thinking about. Ask that girl out on a date. Start the reading agenda. Open up the Bible. Go to sleep on time.

Whatever it is you want to do there is a motivation somewhere to help get you going and moving forward. Find it. And embrace it. And then don’t stop.