Sacrifice to Meet the Goal

I did it. I bought a 24 month long gym membership to Anytime Fitness. That is a long time. A very long time. And guess what else? It’s a bunch of money. Money I could be saving for ______________.

But that’s totally ok. Because this–is totally worth the investment. It’s an investment not only to health but to well-being and happiness. The best shape I was ever in was when I had a gym membership in high school, so I am definitely looking forward to getting back in.

I’d been putting it off until I moved to the city but that is finally happening (at the beginning of April!) so I went in yesterday, talked to the owner of this particular Anytime Fitness and signed the deal.

This is going to help me stick to my goal to work out 4 times a week. And as an “extra” the owner threw in I have a cool “Nutrition/Exercise Tracker” online that I’m loving.

Sometimes, will power isn’t enough. Sometimes we need resources. And guidance. And encouragement. And a kick in the butt to get going. And for me that was all available by paying $45 a month for the next 2 years (of course this includes tanning. 😉

What about you? What do you need to sacrifice in order to meet one of your goals?