Smarty Pig

Let me share with you a secret…

Saving money can be fun. For real. It’s always been fun for me to make a goal and work to reach it, but it’s even more fun now that I’ve come across a cool new website (and basically financial institution) called Smarty Pig. You can also find Smarty Pig on twitter @smartypig

With Smarty Pig you can set one goal, two goals or ten goals. And then you can set it up to have money withdrawn from your checking account either automatically or whenever you choose to go towards your goal. When you add to it, there are graphs and percentages to show you how close you are getting to reaching your goal.

And the REALLY cool thing–that I have yet to experience–is that other people can contribute to your goal. You can send out a link on twitter or facebook or set up a link on your blog where anyone who wants to can see how close you are to reaching your goal and help you out if they’d like. And speaking of! If you just feel the inkling down deep inside to contribute to my current goal you can do so HERE.

It’s really simple and actually a lot of fun.

Right now my only goal is my 2010 vacation. I’m hoping to save up $1500 by August so Chara and I can go on a cruise in the fall. I’ll write more about our ideas later! I haven’t been on vacation in so long and am definitely looking forward to it.

If you’d like to start saving for something in specific, you might check out Smarty Pig and see what they have to offer.

What are you currently saving or wanting to save for? If you’re not saving yet what is the biggest hindrance you face?