Strawberry Smoothies

So I have to admit I still haven’t stuck with my sugar detox. Where is Ellen to help me?? It’s too bad I don’t get to see her show every morning. One day I’ll have DVR. But until then I work a 40 hr work week and then come home to do homework and enjoy the evening with my family and best friend, so no Ellen Show for me right now.

But I am trying to eat healthier overall. Lots of soups and celery to snack on. Like right now I”m going into the kitchen to help Chara make a strawberry smoothie for us. Fresh strawberries. Yummy yogurt and some ice is really all you need. It’s a little easier to be healthy than I thought it would be. But when I move into my own place and start buying all my own food I’m hoping to dive more into it than I currently am.

Does anyone have any tips or thoughts on eating healthy on a budget and things that don’t take forever? I want to get several awesome healthy recipes and buy fresh food at the beginning of the week and know exactly what I’m going to eat each day/evening for the week. But that’s a couple of months away. Still waiting to hear from the apartments we want to live in as to when they will have a room for us. I’m excited but if it takes much longer we may continue our search elsewhere!

On another note–I’m interviewing for a new position at my current employer tomorrow. It pays more and I think I’ll enjoy it more. So here’s a toast to hoping I get it!