The Files

(I’m posting this from my email, by the way. Hope it works out ok!)

I’ve always been a pretty organized person but I realized last week how much clutter I can accumulate when I don’t have a consistent and UP-TO-DATE organizational system.

So I dove in and decided all the loose papers and papers in last years folders needed to be organized.

First, I bought a small box that holds file folders and is easy to carry. This is much more practical for me as a single individual with small living space. If you don’t have one of these you definitely need one.

Second, I bought some hanging file folders as well as colored file folders to go inside.

That is really all you need to get organized. The way in which you set the labeling up is completely up to you but here are a few tips….

1. Keep it specific.
A file named “2010 Paystubs” is much easier to go through than a file named “2010 Financials.” Maybe a hanging file could be your financial section and in there could be file folders with paystubs, bank statements, investment docs, etc.

2. Keep it alphabetical.
It’s just easier to find! =)

3. Keep it up-to-date.
Don’t let papers stack up. File them right away, and you’ll find yourself more at ease and confident.

And out of all the papers you reveive everyday, how do you know exactly what should be kept and filed away?

Financial stuff (taxes, investment docs, etc.) should be kept 3-5 years. It’s a long time but you never know if you may need it.

Receipts for large purchases as well as the warranties that may come with them need to be kept for as long as you feel comfortable.

Just a few small pointers today to make life a little more simple and enjoyable!

What kinds of things do you file that I missed? Anymore tips on filing?